Veteran Washington, DC Radio Broadcaster Finds Pain Relief from Medical Cannabis

Evan Haning is a Washington, DC radio broadcaster you may have heard on all-news WTOP. He talks candidly about finding pain relief from chemotherapy by using doctor-recommended medical cannabis. Listen Here.

Just Say No to Drugs Made from Poisonous Snakes

(Original cannabis art created by Woody Goulart.)When I was growing up, I dreamed I would work for Walt Disney as a dancing and singing teenage star on television and in movies. Instead, I ended up on the air in Hollywood rock and roll radio on the fabled Sunset Boulevard. I guess I was lucky in... Continue Reading →

Exploring Ethical Issues of Medical Marijuana

Guest Blog Post Ethical issues concerning the medical use of marijuana involve whether it is likely for the advantages to exceed its associated risks. Several physicians giving recommendations explore the boundaries of the medical community. There was a pressure between considering free options and limiting freedom to exclude infliction. It can be considered whether it... Continue Reading →

Confidence and Savvy for Medical Cannabis Consumers

Free Cannabis Awareness CoachingUse any device while you participate in FREE cannabis awareness coaching today. For those who learn better by reading, there is an alternative option.  This eBook shows you how to become a savvy medical cannabis consumer at age 50 and up. But the strategies and tactics are designed to work for any adult of... Continue Reading →

Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast 1

Here you can listen as Dr. Woody Goulart and his guest Craig Hines talk about the realities of using medical marijuana if you have a painful disease. Retired Hollywood radio personality CRAIG "HURRICANE" HINES talks about the realities of using medical marijuana if you have a painful disease such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Listen here.  ... Continue Reading →

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