Smart Action Step

Take that smart action step. Choose Dr. Woody Goulart’s professional service in which you get direct, personalized one-to-one interaction over the phone with him to give you an exceptional level of awareness about buying and using legal cannabis.

Dr. Woody says: Here are my posted prices for personalized custom coaching and mentoring for one person only to talk directly one-to-one with me over the phone or Skype or Facebook Messenger:
$75 for one hour.
$125 for two-hour package.
After completing the two-hour package, returning clients can get additional hours on subsequent dates for only $45 per hour.
You and I will have one-to-one interactions over the phone or Skype or Facebook Messenger.

You can reserve time on my one-to-one coaching calendar. I will be your guide, coach, and mentor so you can be savvy in choosing and buying medical marijuana no matter where you may live. Get started by making a $75 deposit online:

Click here to pay online using PayPal.

After you complete your online payment, suggest a Monday through Friday start date and time (between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time) by sending email to me at