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Proposal for:
Free Las Vegas Medicine Plant Workshops for People 50 Plus

Seeking Las Vegas Valley cannabis-friendly business for reciprocal marketing deal to boost age 50+ demographic purchases of medical marijana.

Outline of Each Workshop
• Brief history of anti-cannabis prejudice in the United States
• U.S. federal regulators DEA and FDA
• Cannabis consumers in an imbalance of knowledge power
• Reducing pain/suffering vs. attaining pleasure using cannabis products
• How to be a savvy cannabis consumer at age 50 plus
Watch the video version of the workshop — a free online webinar

Purpose of the Workshop
• attract and retain new cannabis products customers in the age 50 plus demographic
• reinforce your cannabis-friendly business reputation as a trustworthy provider of medical marijuana information and/or products
• boost sales within the age 50 plus cohort for your cannabis-friendly business
• align with and benefit from reputable Las Vegas cannabis consumer educator/coach Dr. Woody Goulart
Setting for the Workshop
• free workshops are held on the fourth Thursday at your business location in the Las Vegas Valley —
Thu-Feb 27; Thu-Mar 26; Thu-Apr 23; and Thu-May 28
[view Eventbrite event promo page (location not yet posted pending approval)]
• discount cards or coupons handed out after each workshop to attendees to generate revenue for your cannabis-friendly business
• each workshop to include four product placement mentions in presentation slides promoting specific purchases at your cannabis-friendly business
Workshop Presenter
• Woody Goulart, PhD, of Las Vegas, Nevada (“Dr. Woody”)
• member of the Baby Boom Generation (born in the mid-20th century)
• personal experience with cannabis product usage for medicinal outcomes (CBD + THC)
a familiar presence at Las Vegas cannabis learning public events
• holder of a current State of Nevada Marijuana Contractor Card (ID: 1900021600) and a current Nevada Medical Marijuana Patient Card ID: P708066462) [view ID cards here]

*** Buzz Envy Vegas
*** Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching
*** Las Vegas Coaching
*** Medicine Plant Network
*** Medical Marijuana Education Network Las Vegas

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