San Francisco

     One hundred eight years ago, a terrible natural disaster descended upon San Francisco. The April 16, 1906 earthquake and resulting fire devastated the City and Bay Area. But, this is a resilient place that learned how to stand out from all other places in North America. I am working here now in San... Continue Reading →

Two Cities

Once you make the decision to follow your internal guidance or your heart or your karma, there is no turning back. So, you think you can stand out? Yes, you can, but it may be more difficult than you can imagine. Those who follow my column on Ned's Job of the Week website already have... Continue Reading →

Birthday Commentary

A few months ago I updated my commentary entitled “Should I Stay or Should I Go” -- a title from that song from the 1980s by the English punk rock group The Clash. Here is update on the occasion of my birthday, June 29, about how to stand out. It is good to reflect upon... Continue Reading →

Kubrick Warned Us, But We Did Not Believe Him

American film director Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) created unforgettable and challenging ideas in his storytelling such as the recurring theme that technology is a curse for mankind rather than a blessing. Kubrick warned us, be we did not believe him. Just 14 years after Kubrick passed, technology is taking away jobs that we humans will likely... Continue Reading →

Create Your Own Reality

Throughout Western culture in literature, song, movies and other artifacts there is a common meaning to be found: Each person has the capability of creating their own reality. Tapping into this ancient wisdom can save your life and reinvent who you are. A very recent echoing of this wisdom came from Jeff Immelt, Chairman and... Continue Reading →

Fake versus Real

American society in 2013 seems to have difficulties separating what is fake from what is real. Just look at the number of those so-called reality shows on television and you will know exactly what I mean. How any one us can hope to stand out from others is deeply affected by this American cultural context.... Continue Reading →

Achieving Courage and Competence

Even if we do not live and work in Boston, we all were impacted this past week by life-changing events that happened there. Many lessons can be learned from what happened to help us stand out from everyone else. Because I lived and worked in the Boston media market years ago, I will always feel... Continue Reading →

Go Offline to Stand Out

One secret for those who want to stand out while conducting a search for a career job is to go offline. This may seem like highly ironic advice because it appears in an online column providing tips and advice about how to stand out in your career search. No irony is intended here. The reality... Continue Reading →

Paying for Career Advancement

Those who want to stand out from competitors in career advancement sometimes choose to pay others thinking that doing so will be a wise financial investment. Unfortunately, just because you pay for something does not mean you get value from it, especially when it comes to career advancement. I read a consumer law blog post... Continue Reading →

Choose Who You Are

It may seem illogical, but people can take specific actions to define themselves, especially when trying to stand out from others. Make sure that what you are like on the outside is a deliberate choice on your part. There is no reason at all for anyone to allow what he or she is like on... Continue Reading →


How do you stand out during the sequester? Do you want to stand out? Or, during the sequester is it better to stay below everyone's radar? These are all good questions. Answering these questions may prove to be difficult, however. The effective start date of the sequester was March 1, 2013. Nobody really knows what... Continue Reading →


If you want to stand out, you need to become empowered. It's really that simple. I am vice president of electronic communications on the board at the Las Vegas chapter of IABC. My Las Vegas presentation "How Powerful People Use Digital and Online Channels" was postponed, but wait! Here's a very cool online version that... Continue Reading →

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