Boss Radio KHJ Books on Amazon

I'm pleased to announce that as of May 2017, is the exclusive place where you can find both the paperback book version and the Kindle eBook version of KHJ, Los Angeles: Boss Radio Forever. Visit Both these versions are identical (except for a few formatting differences.) If you prefer to hold a paperback... Continue Reading →

Golden Anniversary: Boss Radio KHJ

Fifty years is a very big deal. Happy golden anniversary, Boss Radio KHJ Los Angeles. Boss Radio Forever! Whenever I talk with professionals from the radio industry or read their online commentaries, I feel disconnected from them. I feel like somehow I just ventured into a room with military combat veterans who spend a lot... Continue Reading →


One unavoidable impact of The Great Recession that started in 2007 was how people's wealth got wiped out in an unexpectedly sudden drop in the value of housing. The radio business has been hammered with its own wipeout, too. Venerable career paths in the radio business now are gone from markets of every size and... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned from Loose Lips

As a kid, I first heard the phrase "loose lips sink ships" in the context of World War II era sensibilities. During World War II people believed that one should keep quiet about someone they loved who was serving on a battleship because they believed in the possibility that the enemy might learn of the... Continue Reading →

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