Why You Need a Website

You only need a website today if you want to prove to others that you exist. If you are happy to remain in obscurity, you can get along just fine without having your own website. Individuals, small and medium-size businesses, and nonprofits need a complete, yet affordable, selection of professional and customized services to enable... Continue Reading →

So You Think You Can Retire

(Personal Brand section landing page) Long ago, you bought into the dream that AARP sold aggressively for decades along with affordable insurance plans. Simply stated, the dream you bought into was about you and your future. You put in your time at work. You maybe changed jobs once or twice. Mainly, you put in your... Continue Reading →

Choosing Who You Are

(Personal Brand section landing page) It may seem illogical, but people can take specific actions to define themselves. Make sure that what you are like on the outside is a deliberate choice on your part. There is no reason at all for anyone to allow what he or she is like on the outside to... Continue Reading →

Managing Your Online Reputation

(Personal Brand section landing page) Many of you have been following my weekly commentaries about personal branding that started during the summer of 2012. In those regular posts, I covered the first step you should take to create or repair your personal brand. I explained how verbal communications skills and writing well are so vital... Continue Reading →

Scoffing Dinosaur

(Personal Brand section landing page) When you live in the 21st century, you need to embrace and use the tools of the 21st century or you will become as relevant as dinosaurs. If you scoff at this, you are choosing to be a scoffing dinosaur. How many birthdays you have had doesn’t matter one bit.... Continue Reading →

Surviving a Career Transition Desert

(Personal Brand section landing page) The first time I chose to live in the Mojave Desert, I quickly learned how to draw energy and inspiration from our planet in this uniquely challenging region of the United States. In previous posts on this website I wrote about my 2012 relocation back to this amazing part of... Continue Reading →

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

(Personal Brand section landing page) “Should I Stay or Should I Go” is a famous song from the 1980s by the English punk rock group The Clash. Aside from the significance of being included in Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, I find much wisdom contained in the provocative question asked by that... Continue Reading →

Personal Brand: The Journey

(Personal Brand section landing page) While staying at a New York hotel this past weekend, I noticed that the business branding included the phrase enjoy the journey. To me, this seemed like very wise advice. For a hotel. And, for a human being, too!When it comes to creating or fixing your own personal brand, you... Continue Reading →

Personal Brand: Your Unique Outcomes

(Personal Brand section landing page) Your personal brand should be the sum total of all that you, as an individual, use to make yourself distinctive in public compared to every other person. In this post, I will cover why your unique outcomes in your professional career are so important to creating or fixing your personal... Continue Reading →

More Best Practices Online for Job Seekers

(Personal Brand section landing page) Welcome to the second of my two-part series of commentaries and tips on using the Internet to get a new job. Seeing & Being SeenOne absolutely essential factor in whether or not you use the Internet successfully to get a new job is seeing others online who are seeking new... Continue Reading →

Job Seekers Best Practices Online

(Personal Brand section landing page) Knowledge is the first thing that will separate you from all other job seekers who are using the Internet. Knowledge will help you stand out from the crowd. When it comes to genuine and true awareness of how to use the Internet for job searching, there is 100% validity in... Continue Reading →

Your Uniqueness and Your Personal Brand

(Personal Brand section landing page) In this blog post I help you identify and communicate your uniqueness as you create or fix the best possible personal brand for yourself. Uniqueness Cannot be FakedIf you ask skilled and talented professional actors, they can assure you that uniqueness cannot be faked. You must be authentic. You must... Continue Reading →

Your Character and Your Personal Brand

(Personal Brand section landing page) The ancient Greeks were right. Since the time of Aristotle, the word ethos in their language equates to the contemporary English word character. Welcome to the fifth installment in my series of blog posts about creating or fixing your personal brand. Since ancient times in Greece, person's character was highly... Continue Reading →

Writing Well for Your Personal Brand

(Personal Brand section landing page) The ability to write well is both a talent and a skill. I am convinced that creating or fixing your personal brand absolutely demands you need to demonstrate the skill of writing well (or else you will have to pay someone else to ghostwrite for you.) Here’s a secret I... Continue Reading →

Your Personal Brand — Verbal Communication

(Personal Brand section landing page) The second element in creating or fixing your own personal brand concerns how you communicate--both verbally and in writing (online, in print, and anywhere else where you use text.) In this post I will start with a discussion of verbal communication: After I had gained the experience of teaching university-level... Continue Reading →

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