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Dr Woody cannabis coaching Las Vegas

The use of legal cannabis so you can achieve medical outcomes is readily available across the United States today. But learning how or where to take advantage of this exciting opportunity can be confusing to most consumers. Dr. Woody Goulart is a trusted expert who can help cut through all the confusing details and guide you to what’s most important and essential for you. He encourages the reliance upon proven best practices that you can emulate.

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Cannabis is for Grownups

No Nonsense Advice for Grownups ($16.99)

This is an honest and down-to-earth book about the benefits for grownups (people age 50 and older) who choose to use the medicine plant, cannabis. The author is of the Baby Boom generation–born in the middle of the 20th century–with direct, personal experience using cannabis products.

You may be pleased to learn that the author (Dr. Woody Goulart) is not a young person trying to adapt cannabis sales pitches to older people. The emphasis in this book is upon the medicinal benefits you can find using legal cannabis products in contrast to a focus upon the recreational benefits (such as getting buzzed or high from cannabis.)

Your life can change for the better by reading this book. The author has experience guiding and coaching people how to use legal cannabis products to achieve less physical and emotional pain and have a better life. This book starts the process of making the best choices for your life in selecting legal cannabis products for managing your pain and suffering.

Get a Medical Doctor’s Perspective & Recommendations about Medicinal Cannabis for You

Carmen F. Jones, MD -- Las Vegas, NV
Carmen Jones, MD
Get in touch with Wildflower Medical Consultants in Las Vegas. Make an appointment to discuss medicinal cannabis with a medical doctor: Wildflower Medical Consultants

You can listen to Carmen Jones, MD from Wildflower Medical Consultants in a podcast with Dr. Woody Goulart.

Succeeding in Cannabis Industry Sales/Customer Service Employees ($16.99)

If you are or want to be employed in cannabis sales/customer service, this eBook is exactly what you need.


If you already are an employee working in the cannabis industry (or if you would like to become such an employee), getting training provided by Dr. Woody Goulart is an excellent choice for you.

Here’s why this is so important to your success…

Cannabis Industry Training = Job Skills = Job Security

Consider that perhaps your employer has not provided you with proper on-the-job training in the cannabis industry today. Who will look out for you while you aim for a successful career in the cannabis industry? Only you!

Some people mistakenly conclude that because cannabis products are all about bringing pleasure and reducing pain, working in the cannabis industry accomplishes exactly those two outcomes. You may have fun working in the cannabis industry. You may not. Working in the cannabis industry is not easy.

There’s an established and proven approach to cannabis sales and customer service skills training for all dispensary and other retail cannabis employees across the United States. You are likely to fail in your cannabis industry employment if you try to rely primarily upon selling the product or the benefits of products. You need to do better than that if you intend to succeed in selling cannabis products face-to-face with customers. 

A focus upon your customer’s emotionsnot the products or product benefits you are selling them—is the best way to succeed in selling cannabis products at retail businesses.
Dr. Woody Goulart is the originator of this pinpointed employee sales and customer service skills training program. Take advantage of this step-by-step guided training for boosting your cannabis sales and customer service skills.

Personalized, One-to-One Coaching Sessions:

Get optional coaching over Skype or Zoom or other video apps with Dr. Woody Goulart. Enjoy the benefits of personalized, customized, real-time, one-to-one coaching/mentoring. Only pay for the coaching sessions you want. Priced at $100 for each one-hour session you would like to schedule. **Ask about the discounted price if you live year-round in the Las Vegas Valley.


Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast Series

Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast Series

Fresh commentaries from real people in their own words digging deep into cannabis culture in United States. Listen here.

Featured Podcasts:




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