Drake-Chenault Open Reel Tapes

Through an estate liquidation I recently acquired 10 1/2 inch open reel tapes containing programming material from the Drake-Chenault radio syndication business. I have no way to play back these tapes which are likely from the late 1970s.

This collection features 12 Contempo-200 tapes and 16 other tapes that have the letter “X” followed by a three-digital numeral.

I am unable to just give them away, but if you are a serious collector and are interested in purchasing the entire collection of 38 tapes, please contact me using the information in the right sidebar. I have seen on eBay that Drake-Chenault tapes are selling for around $60 each.

You would either need to pick the tapes up in person where I live in Las Vegas, Nevada or pay for the shipping and handling costs.

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