Mission Student Newspapers


In a dusty cardboard box I located hard copies of selected issues of Hi-Ways, the student newspaper from Mission high school. I want to send a special thank you! again to Tom Schum for making digital scans of these ancient relics. Click on any image for a trip down memory lane:

October 1965

Oct_65_1_email Oct_65_2_email

Oct_65_3_email Oct_65_4_email

November 1965

Nov_65_1_email Nov_65_2_email


December 1965

Dec_65_1_email Dec_65_2_email

Dec_65_3_email Dec_65_4_email

January 1966

Jan_66_1_email Jan_66_2_email

Jan_66_3_email Jan_66_4_email

February 1966

Feb_66_1_email Feb_66_2_email

Feb_66_3_email Feb_66_4_email

March 1966

March_66_1_email March_66_2_email

March_66_3_email March_66_4_email

April 1966

April_66_1_email April_66_2_email

April_66_3_email April_66_4_email

June 1966


November 1966

Nov_66_1_email Nov_66_2_email

Nov_66_3_email Nov_66_4_email

December 1966

Dec_66_1_email Dec_66_2_email

Dec_66_3_email Dec_66_4_email

January 1967

Jan_67_1_email Jan_67_2_email

Jan_67_3_email Jan_67_4_email

February 1967

Feb_67_1_email Feb_67_2_email

Feb_67_3_email Feb_67_4_email

March 1967

March_67_1_email March_67_2_email

March_67_3_email March_67_4_email

April 1967

April_67_1_email April_67_2_email

 April_67_3_email April_67_4_email

May 1967

May_67_1_email May_67_2_email

October 1967

Oct_67_1_email Oct_67_2_email

Oct_67_3_email Oct_67_4_email

November 1967

Nov_67_1_email Nov_67_2_email

Nov_67_3_email Nov_67_4_email

December 1967

Dec_67_1_email Dec_67_2_email


January 1968


Jan_68_3_email Jan_68_4_email

February 1968

Feb_68_1_email Feb_68_2_email

Feb_68_3_email Feb_68_4_email

March 1968
March_68_1_email March_68_2_email

March_68_3_email March_68_4_email

April 1968

Apr_68_1_email Apr_68_2_email

Apr_68_3_email Apr_68_4_email

May 1968

May_68_1_email May_68_2_email

May_68_3_email May_68_4_email


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