Dr. Woody Cannabis Coaching Podcast 1

Here you can listen as Dr. Woody Goulart and his guest Craig Hines talk about the realities of using medical marijuana if you have a painful disease.

Retired Hollywood radio personality CRAIG “HURRICANE” HINES talks about the realities of using medical marijuana if you have a painful disease such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Listen here.


Description by Dr. Woody Goulart:

In 1970 Craig Hines and I met while we were majoring in journalism at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California. We both ended up working in Hollywood within the radio broadcasting industry.

Today, Craig is retired and he’s battling the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis. Along with other treatments, Craig followed recommendations to use medical marijuana.

In this podcast you’ll hear Craig provide in-depth answers to all my questions as he reveals a compelling real-life story. He’s from the Baby Boom generation and he discovered what many others from the generation found out for themselves:

Despite all the many risks and all the difficulties gaining access, medical marijuana can change your life by relieving symptoms of certain diseases.


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