Dr. Woody G. in Las Vegas

Life Coaching with Individual, One-to-One Guidance to Boost Your Personal and Professional Success After COVID-19

Best Kind of Coaching Now Available:
  • Life Coaching covering the subject of your choice. Just $25 per quarter-hour for real-time help in my voice using a phone so you and I can listen and talk together.

Hello! I’m Woody Goulart, PhD. I live and work in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many life coaches today charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for their services. That very high price point favors established executives and business leaders. They can can afford to pay a lot of money for life coaching.

Dr. Woody Goulart provides everyday people high value life coaching which is low in price. The truth is: Just because something is high in price does not mean it will have a high value to you. What matters most with life coaching are the specific outcomes you get, not how much or how little money you paid.

Not only are his prices set deliberately low, Dr. Woody Goulart is also different because he has many years professional experience from his employment in the real world.
Some coaches today do not actually have employment background in the subjects they now coach. They may only have recently started coaching. You would benefit by avoiding coaching offered by unqualified people without an real-world track record.
In comparison, Dr. Woody Goulart is a mature person who is not just starting out today offering life skills coaching. He has been professionally certified as a life skills coach, he has a real-world track record of professional work, plus he has an earned doctoral degree—a powerful combination that maximizes credibility not frequently found nowadays in life coaches.

If you are seeking to recover and jump-start your life and earning a living even after devastating health, economic, and emotional impacts of COVID-19, Dr. Woody Goulart’s very affordable, below-market prices for life coaching will open a door for you to get back on your feet again right when you need it the most.

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Dr. Woody Goulart offers you effective Low Cost, High Value life skills coaching and guidance for your success in the wake of COVID-19.
How this works: You start by downloading an electronic book (eBook) so you can learn his secrets while he “proves his value to you” as a life coach.
You can stop there and always have his eBook to help you.
Or, you can go ahead and take the next step: Choose his optional one-to-one coaching using a phone and you get the best and most affordable personalized attention available to you anywhere today in professional life coaching:



Creating Buzz Power: Public Excitement for You and What You Do ($19.99)

Bounce back after COVID-19 and thrive online! You get a downloadable eBook by Dr. Woody Goulart which will boost your success online after COVID-19 with secrets about how to work from home, launch your own website and self-publish your book to sell on Amazon.


MIND VOICE: All You Need to Start Using Your Mental Powers ($19.99)

Attain life success after COVID-19. Get this amazing eBook by Dr. Woody Goulart that guides you in boosting your built-in but often unused mental skills. You can achieve lasting happiness in your life. | Secrets revealed! Watch this FREE 5-minute video preview about how to use your built-in mental powers.



Public Speaking for Success in Life ($40)

You get a downloadable eBook plus personalized, customized coaching/mentoring from Dr. Woody Goulart to maximize your success after COVID-19 using public communication strategies and tactics


Work From Home (Free Coaching Webinar Video)

Watch a 100% FREE coaching webinar video in which you learn essential practices and software apps to help you keep earning a living in the wake of COVID-19 by using the internet so you can successfully work from home

Coaching Sessions:

Get optional coaching in phone calls or Skype calls with Dr. Woody Goulart. Enjoy the benefits of personalized, customized, real-time voice-to-voice coaching/mentoring. Only pay for the coaching sessions you choose to use. Just $25 for each quarter-hour coaching session you would like to purchase.

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